Gold in Print


Art Direction
Graphic Design

Gold blocks with white intersecting lines sit on top of green mountains
The Southwestern annual report needed to be an inspiring story to grow investment in the projects. Audiences are brought back to the singular focus on 'gold' in the storytelling through the strategic use of metallic ink in the printing.

Book with green mountains and gold blocks on top of second blue book with gold nuggets
The Brief

The project brief was drafted with the client to establish clear timelines that met filing requirements and a firm production budget. Artistic direction, graphic design and production oversight would be provided while collaborating with the geoscience teams on copy and source maps. The annual report would be a printed showcase of project developments and future goals for shareholders to inspire and grow confidence.


The creative in previous years was edging on experimental and, keeping with this theme, allowed for innovation.

The concept was ‘all about gold.'

The style was narrowed to two guiding factors: elegance and simplicity. Audiences are brought back to the idea of 'gold' in the storytelling through the strategic use of metallic ink in the printing. A conservative colour palette with accents of red and generous use of white space supports a focus on the impact reporting. Within the Agfa Rotis typeface family, a hinted serif was chosen for its subtlety and beauty. An aqueous matt flood protects pages from handling marks.


Investors shared positive feedback on the quality of the report. Over 50% requested additional copies after the initial mailout. Budget was found for a reprint. The report theme met success with the audience and a similar approach was used the following year.

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